Ive had enough

I'm a mother of 4 only 2 and 1/2 live with with me I've lied I've stolme I've cheated I've envyed I've been jealous of others crap there's not a lot I've not done but I've worked hard I've changed a lot in my life and nothing seems to help me or make me happy I love all my kids and I. Left. My husband tryed dating and I'm just miserable y?any one can give me ideals plz do.........

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  • can you add dumb to that statement?

  • I know it may not seem like the answer you want. But I am praying for you. We are all in the same boat with out Christ. Go to Him in prayer. Give your life to Him and trust that He is in control.

    I was in much the same boat, I wasn't married or anything, but I was so over my own depravity. I was ready to just call it quits. Jesus however saw me to be worth saving for some reason. He is the only reason I'm here today, he has sanctified my vileness and I know he can save you.

    I love you, whoever you are. Seek the Lord. I'm praying for you.


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