I hate my family

My family have never treated me the same as that of my sister. It's like they have her as their favourite and it upsets me.
EVERYTIME I have an opinion on something my Aunty is always there to go AGAINST what I say and give me dirty looks. I have a right to have an opinion. It's so disrespectful that she gives me dirty looks when I'm just telling her what I believe. I think she loves my sister more as well because shes always ringing home to ask if my sister is OK even when she only has the cold!
I hate my granny the most though because I thought I could talk to her about anything but I have heard her many times talking about me behind my back!
She claims she loves me but if she treats me like that I sure as h*** dont love her.
I didnt think a Granny would act that way. If she loves me but has a problem with me, why doesnt she talk with me and tell me instead of putting me through h***? I hate her.
It's only really the adults I hate. I love my cousins and siblings and always try to escape having personal conversations with the adults.
They dont really love me and most of what they say behind my back is a load of bullshit.
I wanna move away from them all...

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  • My situation is startlingly similar to yours. I wish I could move away too, but I don't have enough money yet. I never want to see them again, and make a good life for myself without them.

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