Biting habit…

I've got this upsetting habit of biting the flesh on the inside of my mouth (around my lips and occasionally on them) until it begins to bleed. Nobody knows about it, and I often do it without thinking. It scares me a little. What if I end up peeling off the skin (or whatever) and end up unable to eat or something? What if it ends up getting infected? Sometimes when I bite a larger section all at once, it hurts like h***, but I do it anyway, and that part of my mouth ends up swollen for a couple of days, though not obviously to anybody else. I'm hurting myself and I don't really WANT to stop hard enough to actually stop. Maybe spitting blood into the sink appeals to me more than I know. Dammit.


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  • It will stop.. I had braces, and used to bit or scrape my bottom braces off my lip, to the point it made a split that would sometimes bleed. Was just a habit, but, one I couldn't break. It felt too good for some reason. Eventually stopped on my own.

  • I'm sixteen, and have done this for as long as I can remember. The inside of my lip, mouth and occasionally tongue. I often do it when I'm angry, upset, stressed or anxious and though it's not as bad as what it used to be, it's still bad. I have scars all over my tongue and bottom lip and I suggest you stop as soon as possible. I now have my tongue pierced, and it has helped me a tonne to help get rid of the tongue biting stress relief but it's also given me a new way to bite myself, and that's by biting the bar. It hurts a lot more, sometimes to the point my eyes will water, but like you, I can't stop when I start. It leaves my tongue numb for days on end and feel funny. Luckily I'm not AS stressed as I used to be. You're not alone, and I hope it's actually a condition and not some bullshit story.

  • I had that too! Eventually I just grew out of it. I still have it a little bit but it's not nearly as bad as it was. Give it time darling.

  • google eft tapping anxiety

  • I have that habit of biting the inside of my mouth to and also my lips. I dont have it as bad as you though. So you shouldnt feel bad about this you arent the only one. The only difference is i dont make myself bleed.

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