My boyfriend hits me and i like it

I ve been with this guy for a few months, for me he is the perfect man , he is, cute, smart brillant and very funny ,and many girls would die for him, he has nice cars and he is so rich but anyways it is not for his money that am dating him i have money too, we are in love,he is 18 and am 17 . he would never cheat on me or anyting, he always says that i am giving me everything, each time we have s** i feel alive so evryting seems to be perfect . But recently he became abusive , he hit me three times , he slapped me and punched me ,and threatned me , i had bruises all over my body , if we r having s** he would hurt so bad , so violent. am not scared of him or anything but i am starting to like the fact that he hits me , the pain makes me feel alive and that i actualy exist, during s** i ask him to be more agressive and painful. am so screwed and confused i dont get what s happening to me .


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  • Awesome me too

  • You should let him beat you just make sure its consented enough and make sure it doesn't do any long term damage to you. other than that hes allowed to beat you because hes your boyfriend

  • Love it

  • Hes allowed to beat u bc hes ur boyfriend.. okay this is the the most bullshit statement anyone can say.. lol laughable I must add... ok so if u like rough s** and get hit absolutely its enjoyable but when hes just being abusive not while having s** there's an issue

  • Ur not alone. I can't even enjoy s** without being hit anymore!

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  • It is ok .for a boyfriend to beat her girlfriend as long it is not some permanent damage to body organs

  • Yes i think every boyfriend needs to bit his girlfriend especially during sexuality wether she is obedient or disobedient and to keep her in pleasure so he can beat her every day and it is duty of woman to accept his beating and love him during that time when he beats her if he beats her gently

  • I love to see women with black eyes. A woman should always be submissive and subservient to men. In fact, any man who wants her should have the right to do whatever he wants to her. Even more, a man should be constantly beat his woman to keep her down. This is good for her and it is what they need. A man is always in charge. A woman has no right to refuse their punishments. So learn to take it and accept it. I do.

  • Its so weird but I feel the same way. I never admitted this to anyone. My boyfriend hits me and beats me down. I think it's normal now

  • If you love your man then yeah its fine for him to bruise you and stuff, & plus were woman & we should always listen & respect our men and favor them thats our job

  • Amen

  • If you like it, you like it. Just let him do whatever he wants and see where that goes.

  • Nothing is wrong with you i love when my boyfriend beats me during s** im talking about throwing me into walls slapping in my face spiting in my face calling me a dirty b**** i love that

  • Anything regarding teenagers and "he would never cheat on me or anything" involves children who haven't learned enough about life yet. Come back in ten years and you will be embarrassed at all the s*** you just wrote.

  • This cracked me up so bad 😂😂😂😂😂

  • When I was a senior in high school I lost a girlfriend because I wouldn't beat her up. Instead she married the abuser. Then she divorced him because he broke her arm. Go figure? Live and learn, I guess.....

  • Well i was in an abusive relationship before so i know what it's all about and i find myself like when he slap me he love me but eventually i was wrong so if he slap you one or two times for no good byreason at all then you need to go before it's too late i can tell u that he will try to kill you i have been there already but if it's the first time you can just look on how and why he did it don't let he continued to do it to you he will get worst

  • How is the relationship now

  • I like it rough too having him punch my in the stomach sometimes, smack me, spank me, but I ask him to and he does it to make me happy I guess it's just a little more exciting cause he's normally really affectionate but honestly you two should have safeties put up like a word or gesture.

  • Keep going out with him. But before you do, write your will, fill out an organ donor card and tell someone what you want on your gravestone.

  • It sounds like a form of self harm to me. What ur describing, the pain making you feel alive etc, is the kind of description that a lot of self harmers use to describe what they go through.

  • thanks a lot realy helps. maybe i have a problem too after all

  • U f***** run away from him or he'll kill you

  • Some people like to be a little aggressive during s** but what you are describing has passed that. I agree with the others, get out now. You will find someone who can give you that aggressive sexual pleasure without physically abusing you.

  • Get out. And get out NOW.

  • don't cross that line any longer. its one thing to play rough and another but this abuse can lead to other things

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