I cannot stop

First of all i would like to start and say i'm a guy and have had girlfriends in the past.

I started masturbating at the age of 12-13 and everything was normal until a couple of years ago i am now 27 years old now and i am in my late twenties, I have over loaded on masturbation and s** (mainly masturbation), and I believe i have developed many symptoms from it.

First of all my immune system as taken a beaten, strangely flowed by IBS symptoms, my s**** smells strange, I have pelvic pains, I'm irritable, moody and suffer from insomnia.

so what of this? I cannot stop i have tried before and failed i feel i'm getting worse.

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  • Are you having trouble seeing things?

  • Masturbation wouldn't do that to you.

  • The first signs of syphilis.

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