I Like Older Men

I'm a sixteen year old girl, and before any adults start judging me I'd like to say I'm pretty mature for my age. But my thing is I like older guys, 20-30s. I'm not some s*** who wants to sleep with every attractive male, though. But I don't necessarily want a relationship either. Sure I'm attracted to guys my age, but they're all so immature and it's just about s**. I want someone who will make love. I want passion. I feel until I get to college I'm basically doomed with masturbation, which can get old pretty quickly. There's nothing sexier than a man who has his life somewhat figured out. No judgements please. :)


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  • That's how I was at your age. I just want to tell you this: yes, guys may be immature at your age, but imagine if you were in your 20s/30s and you saw a 16 year old who had a huge crush on you. It probably wouldn't be too great would it? When you see women marrying much older men, do you find it wierd, sweet, or disgusting? not many people find it sweet. Personally, I wish I hadn't focused on older guys so much, because I missed out on some great guys who were my age. And believe me, they WILL grow up!

    Hope this helps! :)

  • I'm sorry but younger men are going to be ass holes, so go with a older gentel man or go with a d***

  • I have very good experience of oral, a*** and vaginal s**. If any body wants to have the experience just make a mail.

  • I personally recommend unprotected s** with a mature man.

    They know how to have s** and if he is financially secure, getting pregnant by him is almost a lifetime guarantee for for being taken care of.

    Older men love unprotected s**. Older men WANTS to knock up young women.

  • It's okay. <3 I've always felt the same way- I've never intended to be attracted to men who are older (10 to 25 years older, in fact)- it just happens. Sometimes relationships or intimacy happens- sometimes not. There's nothing wrong with it or you- you're just mature-minded. Be careful, and do what feels right.

  • Are you hot,or are you fat.are you just wanting to know love.what kind of girl are you.are you metro-or bi-or a l****.what kind of girl are you.are you left or right handed.what do you toe's look like.are they small and pure.or are they big and disgusting.well see you next time.

  • Nothing wrong with that as long as you're of legal age where you live! Most women enjoy older men and most men enjoy younger women so its pretty normal.

  • Aww you guys make me feel good! I've posted about this other places and the only comments I got were people calling me a s*** and hoping I get murdered and get STD's! It's nice that people can accept that I just like older men :)

  • I'd have no issue getting passionate with you.

  • I have only ever dated guys 8yrs older than me it just happens like that

  • Do u want a 57yr old c***

  • I'm 57 and would love to f*** you

  • I'm 27, and I definitely wouldn't mind a younger girl... soft and smooth skin.. it would be nice :D

  • Youre not alone girl. i actually like and date men older than what you like. 50s and up. weird i know. im your age and they dont mind. lol. keep on doing it

  • I'm 36 and currently have friend that's 20. We both make love on a regular basis and it's always unprotected and very intense. Thing is if the guy can control himself not to make you pregnant...then why not.You were given a body to enjoy, make use of what you have while you're young rather than regret when you're older...Have fun

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