Awkward moment

So, I'm a female and basically I'm really loud during s**. My man LOVES it. So last night I came home super late forgetting that my niece and nephew were staying the night at my house. My mom was fast asleep and she takes sleeping pills and basically nothing can wake her up so I snuck my man in the house up to my room and we had AWESOME s**. I moaned his name during the big O and we both pretty much passed out afterwards. When I woke up in the morning I heard cartoons coming from the room down the hall and went to check it out and discovered my niece watching TV with my nephew. (She's 9 and he's 4) I offered them some breakfast and took them downstairs with me so they wouldn't see my man leaving my room and ask questions. While pouring my niece a bowl of cereal she says "Why were you mad at *boyfriends name* last nignt?" I was like "Huh? What do you mean?" and she's like "Well, you were like screaming at him " And then she proceeded to imitate what she heard. I was totally mortified and said "OH! Well...Uhh..He just makes me really mad sometimes...boys are just like that!" LOL. I had no idea what else I could say and while it was SUPER embarrassing my man thought it was hilarious. I was so glad she didn't mention it around my mom which would have been lightyears worse haha

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  • This is a funny story, I really hope it's true. It sounds true.

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