I was sitting at the bus stop by myself

I was sitting at the bus stop by myself after work. I was about to call a friend to have a talk, but I realized by the end, there is no one I can call.
I am 27 this year, going to 28. no bf, a failed secret underground relationship a couple of years ago affects me still. my friends just think i am a psycho every time when I talk about my true feeling. I have a job, but not a great one, pay less than I expect. I don't have any close friends to talk to. I feel lonely and insecurity all the time. I have problem to talk to my parents on every weekend phone call. I am so lonely, I can't find a soul mate. I confess I feel I am such a loser, I am nothing at all.

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  • To be honest we're all losers in one or the other...some of can admit it but most of us never will.....just be you....and you wont fail

  • I believe there is a God. All-powerful and all-loving. Really, where did the universe come from unless Someone made it? Where did our sense of right and wrong come from unless there is one true moral God?

    We will all be lonely until we find our relationship with the Lord. You're lonely, other commenters are lonely even in marriage, and you can be lonely at any age. I encourage you to find your first friendship with God, who loves you and cares for you, and then take it from there. Until you know the Lord, you can still be ultimately lonely even when you do make friends or get married.

    I'm not perfect, by the way. I get lonely at times even though I have a relationship with God, but overall, I do have a good relationship with Him.

  • I agree.

  • Seems we wear the same shoes, and are walking a similar walk. Only I have someone in my life (married), and yet I still feel alone. He tries his best yet I cant seem to see what there is out there...when will I be able to be happy? Thats all I want...you want .*sigh*...P.S. You are NOT a loser...

  • ^^^^ Arsehole.

    Finding a soul mate is damn hard! Expecting yourself to have all these things by a certain age is unfair to yourself. Make a month ahead plan, then a 6 month plan, a year plan, and a 5 year plan. Within a year you'll think 'What the h*** was I thinking back then!' as your expectations and situation will change. C'est la vie.

    How many famous people are there who were not famous until their 50's or 60's? And being famous at a young age has its issues too. Not that you need to be famous, its just that situations can change when you least expect them. Just try to be more outgoing and you'll increase your chances for happiness. Even starting online friendships can turn out good (and bad).
    Best of luck!

  • Get a damn grip.

  • I am 48 a guy and feel a lot the same as you. No close friends and all of that. You are not alone , just remember that, and not a loser either

  • 28 is YOUNG! Build your future. You can (and will) have a great life, but it is done one brick at a time. Don't get depressed. Make friends. Make a plan for a better job, even if it means going back to school first. Hang in there!

  • You aren't nothing, you just don't know what you are yet. Don't get so discouraged even though it can be tough.

  • I feel ya.

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