Im a terrible person

I'm 20 years old. I found out i was pregnant a few weeks ago the father is between 2 great guys. I told them both they were the father and when both of then were excited I told them I was getting an abortion. I understand they are both ready but I'm not and i dont believe bringing a child into this world if I'm going to completely struggle I want to give everything he or she needs i dont want to give my baby up but I have no choice. this is the hardest thing im ever going to have to deal with.

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How do I get out of this one?

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  • Give the real father a chance to raise the child.

  • So you had unprotected ** and are now pregnant. Is kill your baby going to make it better? You have a living child in you.

    33 years ago my beautiful wife became pregnant at age 15. Her mom scheduled an abortion. Two days before she was to go her aunt talked her out of it. Today her oldest daughter is married has her masters degree and is a teacher. We have two beautiful granddaughters.

    Remember an abortion kills not only your child but all of your future grandchildren.

    One last thing. I know 6 women who have had abortions. One of them is my sister. Everyone regrets it and suffer terrible guilt. My sister has never recovered.

  • Oh ** you, you ** snob. Go ** off Jesus.

  • Without knowing the whole situation and all the details, it's hard to help with this... But I think you should have told the two guys the truth. Anyway, you go ahead with what YOU feel is right. Everything will work out fine in the end. :)

  • Keep in mind that I've only slept with 4 guys in my life. that makes me a **? Get the ** over yourself it happens all the time and all it takes is that one time

  • The commenter is calling you a ** because you had unprotected ** with 2 guys in such a small time frame that you have no idea which one is the father. Not only that but you toyed with both their emotions by telling both of them that they are the father, and on top of that you are aborting the baby and disregarding the fact that either one of these guys would probably love to raise their kid even if you don't want to be in the picture. If you were cruel enough to bring it up at all to either one of these guys, you should tell it how it is "I slept with you and another guy. I got pregnant and don't know who the father is, so I'm going to kill the baby." Maybe ** was the wrong word. Maybe manipulative, uncaring, murderous ** is more accurate.

  • Same ** happened to me. And yes u should feel bad u ** **

  • Why tell either guy they're the father if you're going to about anyway. That's just so unbelievably cruel to their feelings.
    And don't abort. Why shouldn't your child have a chance at life with a couple who will love it unconditionally all because you're not ready?

  • Yeah, better to abort the non-living fetal tissue that could love you as a wonderful mother someday.

  • Don't get an abortion, please there are lots of people who would love the chance to raise the child in a wonderful stable home filled with love looking for a baby that they (can not have) to make there home complete. An abortion will tattoo your soul and you will never be able to forget it. Give life a chance, and you will always have the comforting thoughts that you helped make a family complete. And one day you may have a fantastic adult relationship with this child. I have seen this happen and the child that becomes an adult wants to know there biological parents. Please re think your thoughts and keep the child's thoughts in your heart.

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