All my life I have been the person

All my life I have been the person people tell their problems too, the one who will listen to the worlds problems or take their bad moods out on and make them feel better. Yet inside myself I have years of built up bottled emotion that tear me apart at times and just make me want to scream but I cant because I appear to be the rock for everyone else.

Tell me, what can a guy do when it appears the reason he was put on the earth was to make everyone feel better while he's suffering from an ocean of built up emotions that he can never let out.

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  • My life's the same way. I have all these problems and when I try to talk to someone about them, they ignore me and talk about themselves

  • Agreed, same goes for Elliot Smith.
    Agreed, same goes for Ellito Smith

  • Agreed, same goes for Elliot Smith.

  • No one's making you be the rock. You've decided that. Sure, you must be a nice guy and a good listener, but you're listening to your fans too much. You're human, you have personal issues, and you're not perfect.

    Give yourself permission to be real. Tell your friends your problems. If they're your real friends, they'll accept that. Stop holding this Messiah Complex, for your own sanity.

    I hope that you can get out of your self-made pressure bubble and unload your burdens to other people, while at the same time being there when others need you too.

  • Look for holes in your hands. If they're not there, get off the cross and find someone to save you before you blow up.

  • i have the same problem as you, although, no one will listen to my problems or help me with them.. i feel like im in some type of limbo world.

  • That was just how I was too. People that i worked with as well as some friends always came to me with their problems. i listened and never judged and reassured them. They told me they always felt better.
    Then one day one of these people, a women whom i trusted, who always came to me was having a bad day and did not like some things that had been said between us. Well she cost me my job as she complained behind my back to my boss.
    Beware of the unknown and the deceiptfull....look out for your own interests.

  • ^^ Agreed, same goes for Elliott Smith.

  • Listen to Jeff Buckley.
    He'll either make it all better.
    Or make you want to kill yourself.
    Its 50-50.
    But it's progress at least.

  • I know how that is. One day, you are going to find someone who is going to let you talk, someone who is going to listen. You will find someone to pay attention to your problems.

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