Mom treats me like a teenager

I’m female, recently turned 20 years old, and a college student. My mom can’t seem to grasp that I’m an adult. Whenever I’m at her house, she has me do the chores. If I don’t, I’m not allowed to eat anything from their refrigerator. She wants me to come back home to live with her until I’m finished with college. But I know if I agree, she’ll never let met move out. She expects me to introduce my friends to her, to see if they are ‘good’ for me. With all of my male friends, she goes out of her way to humiliate me, whether they like me or not. What disturbs me most- I’ve found out yesterday that my phone is connected to hers, so she can read all of my text messages and the people I talk to. It’s apparently been like this since I was 13 years old.

She treats me like I’m a child, and it’s starting to p*** me off. I can’t confront her about it without her threatening to disown me. So all I can do is get a new phone, stay as far as I can away from her, and pray that she gets the hint.

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  • Listen your 20. Until you have a degree or finish school you have zero say in anything. Grow up and stop complaining understand for moms you’ll always be their babies. Your not grown yet. But if it bugs you that much put yourself in her shoes imagine how you would feel if she were you doing what you did. I’d whoop your ass

  • My wife totally controls everyone in our family. She decides what we will eat. wear. do. She often chooses the clothes for us including our 15yo daughter.

  • Here's a painful reminder about being an comes with more responsibility. And usually that responsibility comes in the form of bills. For as long as you are living under her roof, you will have to respect and follow her rules. One day, you will have your own place and you will be able to clean your house and buy your own groceries. I do think you have to have a talk with your mom and let her know you are growing up and that she should trust you to make the right decisions. Maybe stop bringing people over for her to meet. Getting your own phone is really good idea. Your mom just doesn't want to let go, but you should both have healthy boundaries and maybe that's something you begin to work on.

  • You need to grow up and be grateful you have your mother. Moms always know best. Be thankful she looks out for you parents only want the best for their children. Your 20 your not 32 or 45. You’ve just started college which I assume your parents are paying for or you pay for with a s***** job. Or I assume you got govt help and assistance with that being said your mother was the one who will always be there for you when you have marriage issues. When your dad. When you need her to help you and teach you about life. Not your friends or crappy boyfriends who will only want to take off your drawls. Sdfu and appreciate her while you’ve got her, there’s some people who don’t have a mom.

  • You say you are an adult, yet you are on the internet b******* about your mother like a child. Maybe she will treat you like an adult when you start acting like one. You can start by talking to her about these things, that's what adults do.

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