Im so popular in school but truth is im a LAME

Today someone told me they were intimidated by me and I was shocked. I am like the lamest girl I know. here's a few facts about me that I don't share with everyone.

I'm a nerd and a lame. I'd rather stay home than go to a party, infact I don't party. I can't remember the last time I've been to one. Most teenage parties now a days involve rubbing genital parts which is not for me. Which brings me to this , I AM A VIRGIN. yes we do exist. & it gets lamer . . . I want to wait, I wear a purity ring and everything. so yeah ' when girls my age talk about s** I just stand there like " so ummmmm....." its f****** awkward.
I PLAY VIDEO GAMES: I use to know all the cheat codes to GTA san adreas. in fact im waiting for GTA5 to come out. as a kid instead of wearing dresses and playing 'dress up' I was with my brothers and cousins playing 'burnout' , 'kingdom hearts' etc... When I play games with my guy friends, I lose on purpose so they won't think im a lame.
IM A TECHNOLOGY NERD: I haven't met anyone my age who is interested in technology more than me. I want to become an electrical engineer. when something needs to be fixed around the house , my mother doesn't call my brother, she calls me -_- I use to break my ds & gameboy and fix it. my computer gets upgraded every month lmao. my brother's phone was buggen the f*** out. instead of callling sprint to ask for a new one he comes to me and says " fix this for me , you have my permission to go inside it & do your techno s***."
I ACTUALLY LIKE SCHOOL: yeah f*** it , i like school. I sometimes shed a tear when I don't understand a topic. a true nerd. if im taking a test & there's something in there that I KNOW but I just can't seem to remember it, I deadass get the feeling to cry. I hate feeling stupid. I actually KNOW who david hume is. I love phsycology and philosophy. so .. when the "cool" people are out partying , im reading. I read about 25-30 books a year, true story.
I LISTEN TO COUNTRY MUSIC: don't get me wrong , I like rap/hip hop. but I do like country music.
LAME STUFF: im still scared of the dark. most of yall are too. I see figures and s***. i sleep with the lights on all the time and my mom comes in to close it. Im scared of heights, idc idc idc, I will not look down if im higher than 50 feet off the ground. IM OBSESS WITH DYLAN O'BRIEN. he is the cutest thing on earth <3

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  • So what's cracking man?

  • there's nothing to be ashamed about. everyone is different

  • y are u upset that you are popular?

  • There's nothing wrong with anything you listed about yourself. I'm a 19 year old virgin with a caring, loving boyfriend. I will openly discuss the fact I'm a virgin with my friends - I'm not ashamed of it, it's a personal choice not lack of offers! The key to popularity is usually confidence. She was probably a little intimidated because you're very sure of yourself. You've proven that by your post, you know exactly who you are. Just be you :) and don't reply to that first post, because he sounds creepy ><

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