Waking up to what I wanted

My mother worked for the School District and we lived in an apartment in the well to do district. I rode the bus everyday. My best friend in high school was a rich kid. I got along and did her homework and helped when she had chores. Her name is Karen. She liked to watch me do her chores, which was mostly about keeping her room and bathroom clean and neat. I not only made her bed but I cleaned her toilet. I did her laundry too and her kitchen chores. I spent the night with her a lot because my mom went out on dates. A couple of times she spent the night with me and we heard my mom with her date. We talked about s** a lot. Who was going to do it, when, where, what would we do, what if we weren't on the pill yet, did we want it on a date, or just invite him over and get it over with.

In the eleventh grade Karen got taken to the equipment room below the bleachers and she was handed around to four boys. They all came inside her, that was part of their initiation into the club. If she got pregnant then no one boy would be responsible. She didn't handle it very well, she was upset. And she wasn't on the pill because her mother believed in saving yourself for marriage. By the end of the following week everyone in school knew she had been taken to the equipment room. Something that never happened to me. I left high school a virgin. The furthest I got was giving a boy a hand job. I didn't even get fingered. In college I was pretty much ignored. I finished college a virgin. Those were my bookends, I went in a virgin and went out a virgin. Never even got kissed in college.

After college I moved in with Karen. She had boyfriends, who came over and spent the night. Our rooms were back to back and I heard everything, she's a talker when she's having s**. I turned 25 still a virgin. Karen arranged for a celebration on my 25th, she paid for this escort man to come and take me to my room and get rid of my virginity. That wasn't romantic, with a paid for man.

One of Karen's dates invited me to join them. Karen said ok. That's the night I had my face put in between Karen's legs, as far as it would go. I almost suffocated, I couldn't breathe. She liked that and wanted me to do it when we were alone. I always did what Karen said and that was no different. I went down on her, hook line and sinker. She had to pull me up by the hair. Living together we had plenty of time to play around, while the clothes were in the dryer, I had my nose deep in her v*****. And that's where I wanted to be. It seems, a lady told me, that the reason I couldn't hook up with a guy was because what I wanted all along was to be Karen's lover and that's what I am.

Mar 31

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