My project leader is better off dead

It's Monday here. Which means its another f****** day of dealing with a dead weight that is my project leader. This guy simply CANNOT LEAD and all around vexing. I can't stand him.

Something needs his verification? He'll ask a subordinate to go over it, explain/demo to him, then ask them what THEY think about it, before finally sending email about his decision, WITH REMARKS THAT X PERSON SAID IT IS OKAY TO DECIDE THIS WAY. So later on if something goes wrong, he could point finger to this person and said its their fault for telling him so and so.

Project was delayed? He'll straight up make up some stories and convince you that YOU made that mistake somehow, and bring the made up story to team meeting. Doesnt matter if you didnt do it — anything to make him look like a saint.

Something goes wrong with the project and you'll need his insight? He'll ignore you for days and weeks until his superior is barking at him, then he'll scramble to reply you, channeling all his anger your way because he has to look like a saint in front of his boss, so you're the punching bag!

And the very occasional times when he's actually helpful? He'll make such a big deal of it and berate you for not knowing what he knows. "This is all in the documents" and "You should know how to do this". Never mind the fact that he asks us stupid, basic questions about the project all the f****** time, and we patiently explain s*** to him, redo things with him, DECIDING for him, etc. Point is he knows ONE thing so that automatically makes you useless.

Today he did it again, making such a big deal because we asked him about a detail of the project. Like bro who else are we supposed to ask?? The Janitor?? But if we didn't ask and take our own initiative, or give suggestions, guess what? That's wrong too! We'll get berated either way!

I sincerely hope this dude die. Every breath he take is cancer to society. He doesn't deserve to live. Idc if that's mean to say but it is what it is. Nice and innocent people die everyday yet for some reason God let this d*** lives. If this is how he acts at work, where you're supposed to be professional, I can't imagine the damage he brings to people outside work. Every moment I spent working with him felt like the dark days with my narcissistic ex — you always lose no matter what you do.

He's lucky he's working in a different office or I would've killed him myself. Strangle him with my own two hands. Idc if I go to jail or be hanged to death or something, cuz it'll be f***** worth it. It'll be a service to society at this point, to get rid of cancer like him.

Jun 13

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