Cheated on my GF.

I have a girlfriend in america and im in australia right now.
It's been like 4 weeks i haven't seen her and I'm kinda lonely so i went out partied with other girls had a good time and basically cheated on my gf. How do i tell her? Do i tell her at all?

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  • What happens in Australia stays in Australia but you are better off not telling her unless you feel really guilty and it may cause a split but if you want that then go ahead and tell her. Trouble is if you really cared for this girl you wouldn't have done it no matter how h**** you are..the fact you are willing to cheat so easily suggests you have lose morals and need to reassess what you value.

  • Corey Bohan is that you? still cheating on Audrina Patridge? Tisk

  • Meant to say KIND.

  • If you can't be faithful for as little as 4 weeks you should tell her and BREAK up with her, if she doesn't break up with you first! You are NOT the marrying kid!!!

  • You tell her. You have now exposed her to every person these women have ever slept with. In addition you have violated every trust. You will need to stop making excuses about being lonely, because it is BS. She is lonely too, and yet she kept her pants on.
    If you think you can remain faithful, ask for forgiveness and earn back her love and trust.Judging from the way you are making excuses for your actions, I have doubts. There are soldiers and their spouses who are separated for a year to 18 months and they remain faithful, I know because I am an Army wife.Stand up and be a man. Hopefully she will give you a chance if you are truly remorseful.

  • What happens overseas stays overseas. At least it was random foreign hitches so you can't fall in love.

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