Weird Husband

My husband likes to do strange things like putting oranges on his nipples and saying to himself "I like to read like a girl". He is strange in bed, I was giving him a bj and he started braiding my hair and putting shampoo in it. I hate it when he cooks because he always uses weird things like one time it was my birthday and he cooked me a cake and put soap in it. I love him but he's a bit weird. We have been married for 3 months and I think it was a bad mistake because this all happened after I married him, He also does things with our 7 year old daughter like feeding her like a bird and chewing the food in his mouth. It's gross! He also only has s** with me if I wear a darth vader mask and tell him I am his father...And he always o******! I don't want to hurt his feelings though! Please help!


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  • Ya'all don't know this is fake especially the darth vader part. come on you gullible mofos. was funny though.

  • You should sell your 7 year old daughter to someone on the internet and then give the proceeds to your husband and live a unique and glorious lifestyle with him. the kid is just getting in the way.

  • the thing that is even more weird is the fact you have been with this guy over 7 years and hes just started acting this he having a joke or being serious ...... it sounds to me like you cant tell either...has he been knocked on the head at all?? strange indeed and to be honest i'm not sure if its a true story either...

  • You should be grateful. You're husband is a surrealist, and he sounds like a comedic genius when it comes to that genre. He does it because he's a natural born comic, not because he's f***** up, and because he thinks its funny when you or anyone else is disturbed by his behavior, as that's the point of surrealism, if you didn't take it so seriously it wouldn't bother you so much.

  • We found that corpse you said you lost.

  • Make him dress as princess Leia...and put nair in his shampoo.

  • Take the kid and leave

  • Speak, to a psy doctor or get him checked out about him but make sure you get you and your daughter somewhere safe.

  • Tell him to quit posting on the 4chans it's eroding his mind.

  • sick your fingers in his ass and lick it he will want to feal more manly

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