Spotting signs of dementia

On dementia. I have noticed in my father he is doing strange things like he spends hours a day at the table writing letters that are like bibles to long lost friends he looks up on electrol rolls and then he photocopies letters and thinks everyone wants to know him as if he is a celebrity everywhere we go. he waves at the bus driver who was waving at someone else and every time he goes to the doctor he has to stop in a chat to the people at the dentist and I am worried someone will complain about him doing these things as they are not normal to think everyone wants to know him. he smiles at people and gawks at women and and has his mouth open all the time and one eye closed to look at people which looks strange. all behavior his uncle used to do and he also eats with food dribbling down his face at home and out sometimes, shoving and gutsing into food like he can't be filled and hungry all the time. he must listen to the funeral and death notices every day on the radio which is extremely depressing to my mother and me, he seems to think he has to "tell people his side of the story" what ever story it is ???? in the jobs he lost or was hurt at as if no one else in our family or in the world has been through work place bullying or sexual harassment (because some of us have been through rape and worse then he could imagine) and he constantly believes and says that I am writing naughty letters to people and a like my sister and I am my mother are children constantly checking up on us and over pedantic over how the washing up should be and answering phones and mail and yet he drinks a bottle of scotch a night (500ml) and sometimes has beer or wine with it. and he is moody, argumentative, accuses others of picking on him when we try to help me when he fell out of the train, yet he picks on all of us and can't see it. he honestly expects me to pay for his holidays on cruises and says he won't be able to pay me back later which worries me as he is becoming so vindictive and miserly and I fear what a dangerous crazed woman would do with his money and leave my sister and i bullied and abused by them and penniless. he has been out of work most of the 1990s and some of the 1980s and never completes education and thinks he is some academic and goes up to people introducing himself just because he has spoken over the phone and takes over friendships from my mother or me and copies things like he had to give my cat some several patte treats in one sitting to copy what I do with my cat and something is just not right in the brain and mannerisms and the ideas he has that he is some celebrity and wants to be respected as if we are living in 1700's with some land Barron and we're slave daughters to him. He honestly seems to think he is back in 1700s living some land barons life to order milk maids round homestead of some Mississippi old ramble bum dumpster colonialism home, what he doesn't get is most women wouldn't put up with his piggish mess and slop cleaning up after him and they are so rich they think he is a joke, we go to a scenic train trip and he though he was giving money to them to keep the business running and all it was was a slot machine for a souvenir non - monetary coin and he put on this big show of helping save the business giving a few chow as he says, and he used to make out his business was something over the top and he has about 7 huge cupboards full of junk newspaper clippings and hovel and won't allow me to use any furniture for my room he uses them all for his paper filing of rubbish. Its not normal. my mother can see its not normal and we don't know how to talk to his doctor. I go to Al annon which for non-drinking family members with an alcoholic in the family and all he does is act like we have made him this sad case man. he allowed his daughters to be molested by a man in his family and its caused serious problems and my mother and I have had enough of the jealousy, b******* and games and his almost defiant adhd child like behavior of a spoilt momma's boy who needs to be a man and accept he is not 45 or 25 he is now 70 or more and young women don't want some smelly weird man harassing him at the dentist workplace and before long someone is going to complain about the letters he is photocopying and it does not make sense. on the cruise i paid for recently he accused us of "bombarding him from all sides and bashing into his continuously" when all that I could see and hear was doing that was the whales protecting their young around the ship. its like he takes on things of others around him and worst is he will come up to the cats and put his bum to their face and fart in their face and things it is funny. we are just lost at how to handle this. can you help or suggest somewhere that could help? his GP is next to useless who he calls the broomstick) and all she says is "when are you expecting to him about his weight rather then checking up on him and my mother and I have felt for some time now he has been going around bad mouthing me and my mother and sister, when he has for years gritted his teeth and waved fists at us and even attacked me and warned me not to complain about a gynaecologist who was abusing me and didn't take proper protective covers and I could have court HPV from this doctors weird acts and his weird staff. is this normal or like the behavior of someone unwell? or is it me, mum and others who are weird? even his former boss noticed it and his cousin that he is easily flustered and lost and dopey like with this constant open gaping mouth and one eye open looking at people and peering at women is off putting and weird. we meet a lot of women going through this at al annon, and children of drinkers who end up carers or just can't hack it any longer and feel bad that they are not perfect for the alcoholic dementia patient. everyone has even commented how his sister is like this a female version of him and a cross of her husband mixed in and how a bunch of controllers and selfish people they are.

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  • You need to get him evaluated by a doctor (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!) because he appears to be seriously into dementia! There may be a medical reason and a cure for his mental state which is why you need a doctor involved. (A specialist in aging problems NOT that GP. He may need to be in a mental hospital.

    You also need to report your gyno to the police. It's time for you to distance yourself from your family.

    Good luck to you!!

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