There was this teacher at school...

That I masturbated in the cupboard at school while sniffing my form teacher's jacket.

She was hot, I was 14 but fancied her like crazy, I was one of the best students in her class and had her for Maths as well as tutor so I got to spend a lot of time with her.

One day after school I was helping in a club and she asked me to fetch something from our tutor room, she gave me the keys to the room and I went to get them. While I was in there I saw her bag and coat in the cupboard. She had this leather jacket that was to tight to close across her chest, I remember her having an amazing rack but it might not have been as good a I recall.

I got instantly hard as I took a good long breath, sucking in her scent. I looked through her bag and found a spare pair of tights, I don't think she'd worn them but it didn't matter to me, it just made me as hard as I've ever been. I jerked off with her jacket and came everywhere. I was so turned on it didn't take long, I quickly wiped up what I could see, left everything as best I could remember it and returned to the club.

That was one of the best wanks I've ever had. I'm a grown man now but still fantasise about this teacher. I've looked her up and she's single so I may have to try and get in contact just to live out this fantasy.

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  • I work in a small town public school as an administrator. My assistant is a married older woman in her late 50's who always comes dressed beautifully in skirts and heels. She's the type of woman who always wears different expensive designer shoes every day.
    One afternoon we had a fire alarm during a snowstorm and I noticed that she was quickly changing out of her heels and into her winter boots before she exited the building. She put her heels under her desk chair. She had the most beautiful feet I had ever seen with red painted toes.
    Seeing that the building was being evacuated I knew this was my chance. I checked my office doors, but before I left my office, I bent down and quickly picked up one of her black office heels (Anne Klein) and held it to my nose taking in the aroma of her shoe. The sweet smell of her foot scent was exhilarating. I didn't have time to do anything that day, but I cant wait for another chance.

  • ^ I agree with you^ raxi82 ^

  • Half of me is wanting me to say... "go for it"
    But the other half is saying....
    What if you do go for it and things turn bad, these good memories will be shattered by what has become and you'll never think of her in the same way again!
    Whatever you chose to do i WISH YOU LUCK. X

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