So so so fantastic

I am so glad your husband didnt come home last night and so we got to f*** for the 1st time. i know when we started i said it was cool to just be 1 time but jesus christ baby you are the best f*** i ever had and now i totaly do not wanna stop. in fact i wanna take you away from him and marry you myself. its all i been able to think about all day today. im not gonna tell him what we did or tell any of your friends or do anything that will make it anything other than your decision whether or not you leave him but that hot p**** you got is so f****** fantastic that theres no way i can not come back to you whenver you want it and if i have to beg then i will totally f****** beg. theres no way i will ever get enough of that p****. and theres no way i will ever stop trying to get you to be with me.

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  • I acted like a junkie to. My first affair to, the crazy phase was for the first 6 months. It was crazy and wild everytime we met. Is almost a year now, we still meet once a week. Is not as crazy as it was from the beginnig, now we are both very carefull so that we never get caught. I didn't think I would like this much, but is as if I need him to be part of my life. :).

  • yes it is a lot like addiction the way i feel about her. i just want all of it there is and that wont be enough. its wild really wild. icant tell you im an expert bcuz im obviously not but i think that even tho getting caught is a part of the exitement people can avoid getting caught if they just arent taking to many chances or being kida stupid. is that the way you think about it with your man?

  • Yes, we are not taking any chances.. But the thought of sneaking around making a quick stop at his apt for s**, then coming home is sooooo hot.

  • God I wish my infatuation had acted that way toward me....

  • I wish my affair partner had been like you. He played it so cool and indifferent and it was such a turnoff that I'll never cheat again.

  • i know that happens bcuz i had a friend who dated this married lady and he kept telling me how he kept telling her no when she would call to let him know her man was gone. i know it happens but i so completely dont understand it bcuz he liked her personaly and loved being in bed with her so it seemed stupid not to just go be with her, but he never listens anyways. but i will never do that with this woman and i will ALWAYS go see her when she can get away and i will do evrythng possible to get her to leave home. she has 2 kids and tht bothers me a little but not enough to ever stop it with her bcuz shes too good to say no to. i will go and get on her ANYtime she says shes ready. i dont mean to ramble but i just wantd to say im sorry yours didnt work out the way these things should and i realy do hope that another man comes along who can give you love and a little fun and heat outside of your marriage bcuz you seem like you deserve that and you seem sexy. good luck to you.

  • It's a phase. Just f*** each other for 3 months or so. Then the rose colored glasses will wear off and you'll be back to normal.

  • it could be your right. this is the first married women i beenwith so i havent had this situation before but i realy cant even begin to tell you how good this was or how bad i want it. i didnt get to see her last night bcuz hubby was back in town and i have been aching like crazy for this women almost like a junkie strung out. its crazy but its real.

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