Decisions decisions!

I miiiight just turn to stripping or exotic dancing when I'm in college next month. It seems like it would pay very well and I definitely need the money. Opinions?

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  • Try bartending. If you're hot and have a nice body, even if you can't bartend worth a damn, you'll make tons of cash. Guys can go anywhere to drink; They go to bars for hot bartenders.

    My hot older sister bartended in college, and a bit after, and would have wads of cash all over her apartment. I've stopped in a few times when she was working, and, she used her body and considerable, 38C b**** to full advantage. Guys were all over her, tipped her incredibly well, and didn't care if their drinks were wrong or late. She still says it's the easiest money she ever made, and, has filled in for a friend's bar here and there even a few months ago.

  • Consider becoming a waitress instead. If you have a nice body and are good at it you can make a lot of money with tips.

  • Don't do it. Think of it in the long run; if you one day become successful and you have stripper listed in your resume, no one is going to take you seriously.
    There are many other jobs out there. Don't take the easy and degrading way out.

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