So upset at myself

Im a girl for starters and 21..i was with my ex bf for 3 months(a year ago), but it felt like the most amazing three months ever..if you take out all the bullshit that came thru...
so my first ex bf is the kind that once he finds out im talking or with someone he goes and tries to get me back with his sweet talk (which i stupidly fall for by the way) well when i was with my bf i ended up cheating on him with my sweet talking ex bf..
i confessed and surprisingly enough he still wanted to be with me..i tried my hardest to get my other ex out of the way but he would find any way to butt in(we hadnt been together for two years and to be honest i still had feelings for him..thats why i cheated) so after i confessed my bf didnt have much trust in me when we were apart, but when we were together it was great..i ended up breaking up with him cuz i couldnt take it anymore with his insecurities.
a year later after ending it with him, i realize i was immature and had no self control..and wish so bad that things were now the way they were back then.. i cut out my sweet talking ex out of my life for good and have never felt better. but what still gets me is the hurt i put my bf thru. i wish i could take him back and start from square one..
i messaged him about 3 months ago asking how he was, but never got a reply..
im not sure if to leave it like that since he never messaged back or try it again..?

Jul 23, 2012

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  • you need to message him again because sometimes you dont get the need to make sure he knows that you are still there and let him know how u feel,

  • Just put your head in an oven.

  • Try it again. You have nothing to lose. Maybe try email..maybe he didn't get your text. And in an email you can say a bit more. Tell him where you are in your life now. Apologize again for the hurt you caused. Ask him if he's seeing anyone and if not, would he like to meet for coffee. Bear in mind, he still may not trust you. And should you reconnect with him he still may be or have some of those same insecurities that were the reasons for the break up initially. If he doesn't reply, then you know...

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