Married coworker wanting me.

A very sweet male coworker who claimed to be drunk, messaged me that he would cheat on his wife if he could have s** with me. I am stunned and now I can't get his words out of my head.

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  • Yeah no dont go f*** him you'll be the other woman jumping in the middle of another couples relationship if he hasnt cheated already you dont need to make it worse by doing him. Do be that woman. There is plenty of d*** out there that isnt attached to another person.

  • Same thing happened to me last year. I f***** him. No regrets; it was lots of fun. Go do him.

  • I want a s*** like you for real...I mean that in a good way,u turn me on

  • He's going to cheat on his wife anyways, why not let it be with you? You're gonna find out that he slept with someone else (another co-worker likely) and then be disappointed.

  • Thats for sure so f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** him

  • Just f*** him,you deserve it and he deserves you..its only natural.If you don't f*** him,you gonna think about those words forever and feel miserable and start f****** anything with a d***.

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