I am so embarrassed by my skin! I can't stand it! I HATE the acne! It make me feel insecure and self conscience! All I want is to be able to wear a cute tank top or strapless dress with having to think of the the painful bumps everywhere on me. I've tried every drug store product and gone to the dermatologist! I hate how society automatically equates acne with gross and nerdy people! Im not like that at all and I try all the time with no prevail. Uggh

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  • I went on the pill. Dianne 35. I had very bad acne on my back i was covered. And it cleared it all up in about 2-3 months. See if you can get your doctor to prescribe it for you

  • Everyone has acne in varying degrees, it's part of life. You are not alone. Hormones, menstrual cycles, sweat, stress, food, shampoo etc can have cause breakouts.

    Have you tried going to a nutritionist or allergist to see if you are possibly allergic to something you're eating or using? Changing your diet can effect your skin too. You can do simple experiments to see if some food items cause breakouts like chocolate. Try taking certain foods out of your diet (sugar/soda/fried food/dairy) and put other foods in (water/fruits/vegetables) etc..

    Make sure you're taking a multi vitamin. Certain vitamins can help such as Zinc. But you never want to OD on vitamins. And certain vitamins you should take with food.

    Exfoliating once a week can help too. A mild exfoliator can be used every other day.

    There are other cheaper home remedies you can try. Using tea tree oil or witch hazel (good astringent) Don't use tea tree oil alone - dilute with water. May sting a bit. Does have a strong smell, but does go away..

    Apple Cider Vinegar - can online about. And can apply to affected areas with cotton ball

    For the occasional breakouts, white toothpaste can be dabbed on affected area and left on overnight.

  • Have you tried any of the stronger drugs you can get through a dermatologist? I had acne, too, and the previous commentor apparently only had mild acne to occasional breakouts. I indured redicule for my face. It was horrible and I had it until my mid-20s when I finally sought a dermatologist and chose (not lightly) to take Acutane. I know it doesn't always work the first time, but my experience was wonderful results. I have wonderful skin now. I rarely get one or two pimples and hey clear up within a few days. I encourage you not to give up and to definitely consider your diet, although every dermatologist and doctor I ever saw insisted diet had nothing to do with the acne I had. (Perhaps it is more so with just the minor breakouts.) My primary side affect was really chapped lips. They constantly peeled and my fingertips did, too. You are not alone. People do understand that your acne is not due to poor hygiene or lack of exfoliating. In fact, too much exfoliating can make it worse....

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