I hate my parents

I'm flying three thousand miles to attend grad school. And they want to fly with me. To help me furnish my apartment. They don't have the wit to figure out that hello, I can't wait to get rid of you, and now you want to come with me? Hello?? Any parent with a bit of brains will not impose themselves this way. Any parent will realize that their adult "child" will not be thrilled at the thought. Hello, we're not friends. Hello, we're so awkward around each other. I DON'T LIKE YOU. No, I'm not one bit excited about "touring the city" with you. I don't want to f****** tour the city. I just want to settle in and start my new life and spend my days in the library and the lab and never see you again. I want to be free to be myself, for f***'s sake. To wake up when I want to wake up. To eat alone. To walk alone. To sleep when I want to sleep. To work as long as I want without wasting time reporting to you. And now you want to come and do everything together. I don't want your money. Don't pay for my furniture- it would give you the right to impose your ugly, colorblind taste. I killed myself to get a scholarship so that I won't cost you a cent, so that I can deserve to get away and you won't be able to do anything about it. So F*** OFF. F*** OFF. F*** OFF.

Yes, I hate you. I will not pretend I don't. I don't have to pretend I don't just because I'm your daughter. Yes, I don't want you to come. Yes, I'm dreading it. Yes, you bore me. Yes, you irritate me. Yes, you infuriate me. Yes, I will apply for a PhD later whether you like it or not, whether you threaten to kill me to make me come back home and get married and live on the top floor and pop out grandchildren for you.
And no, I won't try to be nice.
No, I won't "make an effort".
I will make you regret that week. I will make you hate it.

F*** OFF.
I am SO ANGRY I could die.


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  • Get away from your parents. Start your own life. Have your own kids who will then hate you as much you hate your own parents. The circle of life you ungrateful little s***.

  • If I didn't read that you were going to graduate school, I'd have guessed that you're a 15-year-old girl.

    Please, grow up.

  • Dude, you need to calm the f*** down. If you treated anyone else like how it sounds like you treat them, I would be very surprised to find out you had any friends. Stop. Be patient with them, because one day they will be gone and you'll want them back.

  • It seems to me that the reason they are being so utterly thorough in their efforts to get you placed and situated and clothed and housed and furnished is to be absolutely, positively, perfectly, irreversibly certain . . .

    "THAT YOU NEVER COME BACK TO OUR F****** HOUSE EVER AGAIN!!" I've only just this minute encountered you, and I'd want you away from me as soon as possible: I can only imagine how sure THEY'd want to be that you get where you're going, and stay wherever that is, permanently.

    Christ, I've heard of ungrateful children before, and I have, naturally, heard of a*******, as well, but you take the cake. On both scores.

    But neither of those are your biggest problem. No, your biggest problem is that miserable f****** egocentric attitude you've got [I want to be free, I want to sleep, I want to work, I don't want to walk, I don't want to tour]: you may be able to survive in academia with it (I have doubts about even that), but you will NEVER survive the real, working world with it. You need to change it, and soon, or you will never hold a job beyond the first irritation with or overreach by a colleague, or the first dispute with someone overseeing -- or PAYING FOR -- your work. Seriously, little girl, you need to get some professional help . . . and in a hurry. Like before school starts.

  • They're only doing that because you are their child and they love you. After everything that they have done for you, for you to want them to f*** off is just the rudest and the most inconsiderate action ever. Everyone wants their independence and freedom, but what you've said is beyond what is tolerable.
    They do this because they love you. Because they CARE for you. You don't deserve the love that they have bestowed upon you.
    You're calling them stupid and boring now, but one day you'll realize that there is no one else who will love you as much as your parents did and then you'll regret being an ass like you have been lately. Learn to cherish your parents, because there are so many people out there who would kill to see theirs at least once.

  • They're not doing it out of love- they're doing it out of control. Out of mistrust. Out of a great fear of the "freedom" I will suddenly acquire and the desire to delay it as much as possible.

    I know one should appreciate their parents. But when you live in a culture that imposes parental love and control on you, where you need permission for every stupid move and approval after long discussions of every decision you make even when you're 25, where you're always so tied down and limited and monitored and questioned and literally owned by your parents, and wanting a bit of independence is equal to rudeness, you just want to throw that excess "love" all away. Maybe it springs from love, somewhere in its origins, but a little too much love can do too much harm.

    Maybe I do sound like a teenager, and maybe it is the result of the overprotection I grew up under. I don't want it. I want the space to grow up and to be myself. I know my parents enough to know it's not help they're after- it's control. And I'm so tired of control I could cry. It's not healthy. It's not right. I don't know if you can imagine it- it's a completely different culture, but a suffocating culture where this control is so real and so literal. Where you're never treated or seen as a complete person: you are someone's daughter. Until you become someone's wife. Never a woman. An independent woman is a shame. Daughters are the eternal fear of their fathers' lives. Daughters mean potential dishonor. Daughters need to be controlled with every mean. Daughters are educated only to become more attractive marriage material, but beware when they start to think for themselves: trouble. Tie them down. I had to fight to be "allowed" to accept the scholarship I got to study abroad. And now it's my parents' greatest fear.

    A woman is nothing but a body that can bring the family dishonor. I am so f****** tired of it.

    So yes, I want them to f*** off. I want to live.

  • Now you say to your parents
    But its good for your future, once you finish your study and everything and you will do get good position good money. After that you can you can get the girl who love you,
    Remember this thing love them who love you .
    And if you give respect you can get respect.
    Forget your love and make your career, otherwise you have to do blue color jobs,
    Its up to
    If you laugh now in future you will cry
    It means if you do hard work now in future you will be happy.
    So its up to you
    Good luck

  • *soul

  • You one big ass b**** I got friends who lost a parent and would give everything to see that person one last time how bad could it be having your folks around for a week i only get to see my mom once a year i wish my folks would shop for me older folks know about all the cheap deals out there so whats so bad about goin shppping with them you must still be a child to ashame rather than embrace family time you probably a white b**** or something sad when folks cant show love
    For the people would die for you who sacrifice everything to raise you my mom wore the same clothes for years so we could have cloths on our back ungrateful people like you i just sit back and watch you will see when your folks are gone and you up crying every night if you have a sold Deuce im out

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