I'm leaving by Labor Day if things don't change

S** once every 4 months isn't my idea of a happy marriage. This is already past the point of it being a problem and I'm tired of the same conversations over and over.
I'm tired of our weekends being dictated by your interest in giving more of a damn about your plants and the grass then about our relationship. I'm tired of you being oblivious to how miserable I am.
The lack of intimacy and affection at home is making me aware of just how many other options are out there. I find myself thinking about B. at work and our becoming better friends.
From the outside everyone thinks we are the happiest couple they know. I must have a good poker face if they can't see I'm miserable and weeks away from leaving.
Our vacation is the last chance. If you can't be relaxed and intimate given our plans then it's never going to get better.

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  • i think its right that you need that fun in your life and to make b part of it

  • Seriously, girl, do NOT wait to see how things go on holiday: you KNOW how things will go on holiday. Go get B now, today, immediately. Close off your pad, pick up your phone, and ring him. The longer you wait, the more time you will have wasted, and the more time you will have lost that you could have been bedding a man who actually wants you and to whom your happiness and pleasure actually matters. Ring him, tell him what you want, clearly and directly, and then start practicing saying the phrase, "F*** me, B, dear sweet mother of God, F*** ME!"

    "B", to coin a phrase, is where you need to "be".

    Ring him, tell him what y

  • absolutely right..........B should be your first move. try that out and see what happens. it wont be as bad or as bold as you think. he already knows you want him and you know he wants you so it would be only normal for the 2 of you to hook it. and that is what you should do......hook it with B. Hes not only your first move, hes your best move. get on that.

  • My experience: starting and developing a relationship with "B" will make everything in your life better. You'll be more satisfied, more energized, more sexual, more independent and happier. And it will not only improve your s** life outside the home -- which is now non-existent -- but IN the home as well. I know that's counterintuitive, but it's nonetheless true: the more s** you get, the more s** you want. I realize, of course, that adultery is frowned on and it breaks a marriage vow, but cheating is just so f****** THRILLING that it more than makes up for ANY perceived negative. When you've got another woman's husband between your legs, or when your partner knows that you've stepped away from your husband and stepped away from your vows in order to mount him, the electrical charge that's produced really cannot possibly be any higher. You need "B" in your life......and in your bed......not just at your office. But, in reading between the lines of your post, I think you already know that.

    Go get that man, especially if things don't improve during the vacation. And don't leave home until you've at least tasted that juicy, dripping, delicious, forbidden fruit a few times. You're going to love it. And it's going to make your life immeasurably better. And sweeter. Trust me.

  • Before taking action, do ask yourself if you've honestly voiced your thoughts. Have you esaid, "I am miserable"? Have you said, "We need to have more s**"? I know one would want their significant other to be able to see these things without the need for words. But don't leave before giving words a chance. Sometimes we (women especially) expect others to hear what we never say, to understand what we never express. And we blame them when they don't. Would he/she change if you asked them to very directly? If not, leave.

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