My strange secret

I need to tell some one this .
I wear diapers in public . I ware the overnite protection type . These diapers resemble the type a baby wears an sound the same when I walk around in them . I ware two at the same time to enhance the feeling an make it more apparent ,that I ware diapers under my clothes . I usually need to drink a cooler or two in order to do this . But when I have the courage I put on my diapers a my track shorts an tee shirt I go down to the store an watch for people to notice . I love it when women notice . I have at times worked up the courage an see if a woman notices meet her eyes an pull down my shorts there in front of her an p*** my self. Befor running away. I have not Ben caught but it may happen . Note I usually get in my car an drive down the street an m******** on my way home looking out my car window at folks as I c** my f****** brains out thinking of that woman's expression on her face looking at me squat down in front of her in my diaper an p*** my self

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  • What the f***?

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