Diapered Wish...

Well, I'm a loving husband and dad, but also a diaper lover and wished diapers was first.

Lately I wished I could come out more then just family or friends. I wished the world knew about my diaper love.

Not just any love, I wished they knew I wanted the most biggest, the most saggy, and the most dirty diaper in the world on right now. I wish I could tell the world "I wear diapers," and not just any declaration... I wanted no return from it. If someone said my name, they knew I was wearing diapers!!

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  • I shared my kink love of diapers with my wife. She thought I was sick. Maybe I am. Anyway she gradually distanced herself and after 20 years of marriage she divorced me.

  • Really? When you think about it, why.

    You know when you have a kink or a fetish you can be to a degree sympathetic to others who have a kink. But usually it is pretty specific what turns you on. But those who do not have any kink, the vanilla people, have absolutely no sympathy or empathy.

    Personally, imagine I knew you had a wet soggy s***** diaper, I would have zero empathy for you. I would think you disgusting f***.

    Now let me be very clear, I am more than happy for you to s*** your diaper and sit in it but do not impose your disgusting behaviour on others.

  • Nappies.

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