My secret totaly exposed

I love to wear diapers in public under my clothing.I have told no one of this especially my boyfriend I feel so exited when I am in my diapers . I get so wet when I lift my skirt ( pretending to adjust it )an expose my diaper to someone. Well the excitement an the wanting a sexy hot thrill . I did that just last night at the mall an I caught the eye of this kid looking at me he pointed to his probable g/f . I walked away quickly but could hear him laughing . I walked to the food court an lost them an got in line for something to eat . I was not intending to show of my diaper to a kid 14 to 16 years old . I usually fiend a older man 25 to 30 years old or so . I love the looks I get . Well when I got up to order I felt a hand on my back I turned around an saw the boy an his g/f the girl pulled down my skirt an knocked me down . She took my skirt an ran . I was so embarrassed .The kid an his girl were gone leaving me there all exposed . I had fantasized about walking around in a tee shirt an a diaper but this was a nightmare . I had every one looking at me. I took my shoes off ( high heels ) an ran for my car my car . I then had the worst luck an ran strait in to my boyfriends older sister her husband 2 kids . I ran past them an heard her calling me . I just don't know what to do now I cant face her an I am not sure if she told my boyfriend .

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  • My Gay Boyfriend and I Love To Wear Our Diapers Together.

  • well its me the girl in the diaper . My boy friend found out an we broke up some time ago . Some one read my post here an told the police an I have been charged along with the two who attacked me .They got probation an Me I am being charged a s** offender . I am currently hoping for a plea agreement , My lawyer is not hopeful. I am really down right now . just wanted to up date you all .

  • If you were a dude I'd say you are a creepy pervert. Since you are a girl, I say "hey baby let me powder that thing."

  • bull s*** post.

  • well, i bet you feel kinda stupid now. You need to face it

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