I dont understand

Ok i am a 15 yr old guy and i m********* pretty much everyday and have been for atleast 3 yrs. but my only access to p*** was through my psp and it doesnt let you play videos so i just used pictures which i was ok with. but i recently got a tablet and that is able to play videos so when i learned that i was psyched but after the third day or so i started getting bored with videos. i mean all the videos were of things i enjoyed and searched for in pictures. i do not understand why i feel this way. for so long i wished that i was able to watch videos and now i am over it.

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  • You just discovered an aspect to se-x. Grass is greener on the other side. You thought it would be the perfect perversion. But like a crush on a girl falls apart the more you know her, Prawn on the net won't always excite. It actually can dilute your enjoyment if you get too much of a good thing. Then you will move on to diverse fetishes. The original may grow back again.

  • Maybe your looking for a level up :P

  • you are me 3yrs older

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