Young love

I moved to a new school when i was about 9 yrs old in yr 5, the best decision i ever made.
the first day was really cool and i made friends. there was a trip to wales in 2 weeks and i wanted to go so my mum sent me.
i didnt really notice him but he noticed me. i never really saw this.
it had come, the time to depart from london to go to wales and we had started talking a bit. i sat on the coach in some empty seats. i turned around to get something out of my bag then turned around, my face was right in his and i was like wtf(in my head). we jus sat there in silence until we got to wales.
a couple of days had passed and he was kinda of in a mild way flirting. he would play fight with me and s*** like that. one day in wales we were fighting again and i nearly fell but he went and caught me but fell on top of me. being at the age i was i was like eww cos i didnt like him in that way jus yet.
i then moved into yr 6. as the yr went on i became very popular in the school and was friends with everyone in my year (school was small). one day a teacher had told me and kevin (that was his name) to go and put something away but i never knew she told him. i went to put a drum away and the door opened. i turned round and it was him. he put his away and i was walking towards the door. he went and grabbed my hand and i went and kicked him. he tried to push me to the ground but i pushed him to the ground. i stood over him and we both laughed and then he tripped me over and i fell over on to my back. he started to get up and laid on top of me. he stared into my eyes and i stared into his and he just started kissing me and i kissed him back. i liked him but i started falling in love with him in a kind of weird way. but then it came back to me that i couldnt be in love. i was only 10 yrs old. so i ran away and went back to class. a week had passed and it was work week. i was put into a group with him and couldnt look at him but at times it looked as if me and him were a kind of couple as we were too near to each othEr. i have even got a picture of me of him looking as if we were like leaning in on towards each oter in a year book that a teacher took. a couple of other stuff happend and then graduation came. apparently i looked stunning according to my parents but i dint think so. its when i actually got to school everyones jaw dropped. i looked behind me and thought they were staring at something but no just me. i felt really shy. then we took our seats for graduation and because we were in surname order he sat next to me. after we had graduated we all went downstairs to the hall. i took some pictures and some with his friends. some of them had crushes on me but i didnt like them in that way.
i then went up the stair to go and get something from a class that was all the way upstairs and he had followed me there. he started calling my name and shut the door. it was dark so i was getting scared but as he got closer i saw it was him. i was like what are u doin and he just said u looked beautiful today. i said he was lying but he said i wasnt. then i asked him why he kissed me. he told me because he jus wanted to and it felt a little less awkward. then he lent in for a kiss again. i pushed him away but he lent in for one again and i jus kissed him. it was so much better than the last cos i felt less tense. i sat on the table cos he was so much taller than me and we spent a couple of minutes kissing then he left. i sat there thinking about what just happened. the next day was the last day and we were getting our yearbooks signed. we were trading numbers and then he asked me for mine. he gave me mine only it was his mothers and i gave him a fake number cos i was scared that he would call and my mum would see and tease me as that is what she always done.
im now 13 and moving into yr 10 and cant stop thinking about him. i have seen him sometimes going and coming from school and he still talks to me, says hi and comes and flirts with me when hes with his friends. should i tell him that ive had this crush on him and had it since yr6? im scared he doesnt or never did like me and ill hav to live with humiliation the rest of my life.

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