Kyle, you drunk

I tryed to hang out with a friend that is like 5 years older than me for like 6 months. but he drinks every night, and get very abusive. I like him alot, but i dont like to get humped and hit every day. I asked him to come and visit me one night and he did but he wanted a reward. so i told him that i would give it to him. Then the next night he came and he said that he wanted it so i told him what to do and he resisted. then i layed down on my stomach and he sat on top of me and started to hump me and i told him to get off but he didnt so i bit him, HARD. so he got up and started to i tried to make it better because i didnt mean to bit himm that hard. so he decided to slap me. then i walked away because i knew i didnt need this abuse again in my life. then he kept texting me asking me to come back and he was sorry. i never did. then last wendsay i asked him where he was playing darts at and he said the hunt at like 2.30 in the morning. and i answered his text. we started to play a game with sending pictures back and forth. but at 5 i told him i need to get to bed. then thursday he said that we could hang out but he was also having a drinking war. so i didnt go over because i didnt want to get hit again.every one is telling me not to go out with him. because he drinks every day

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Your friend needs help- he should go to a counseler.

    You on the other hand won't need help if you're dead. If you help him you should only ever help him when others are around, bring one of his friends into this- make it a guy, a guy with decent character and not another person who would abuse you. Often people end up attracting and hanging around with other people like them and you don't want two dangerous people on your tail!

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