I'm now in my 30s. No woman has ever returned my feelings. I'm not bad looking. I have a good job. I'm fun to be around. But no woman has ever been interested in me. I go on dates but I never get more than a few before I get rejected. I feel so incredibly worthless and lonely. I don't want to die alone.

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  • Hang in there. You sound like you would be a lovely catch. ❤️️

  • It's probable they sense your low self esteem (which is a huge turn off). Find a way to be happy alone and you'll attract someone.

  • To outward appearances I am happy and have good self esteem. Nobody knows how sad and lonely I am.

  • Man I feel for you. Many times I have felt the same way. Right now I have a lover and it is hot but years and years have gone by and I would go to work and play sport and hang with the guys but always that kind of low level sadness and lonliness.

  • Low level sadness and loneliness really describes it well. I'm at the point where more and more of my friends have found someone and I'm left just feeling like the loser who nobody wants.

  • I bet you have a beautiful personality and the women you attract/go on dates with, don't share that same beauty.

    Try different hobbies and activities, maybe join some classes and mingle. You never know who you'll meet and connect with - when least expected :-)

  • I don't have any advice but keep trying. Maybe you're trying too hard and you run the women off.

  • Or perhaps not trying hard enough.

  • Do not give up. You will find her, sometimes it just takes time. Dating is hard. It should be fun, but it can be work. Stay positive! Be open...say yes to doing things cause you just never know. Maybe it's time to change your approach. Sign up with other dating sites or evenot join meet up groups. Or look into activities you enjoy and maybe there are opportunities to meet someone.

  • Good advice!

  • Things will get better. Just live your life one day at a time.

  • I agree 🤝

  • Look in the mirror. You're gonna die alone.

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