Hurting heroin addicts

I'm having a problem that is getting out of hand. I'm a well off man in my late 20s but I have a bad fetish where I enjoy abusing women during s** and enjoy seeing them in pain. I had a girlfriend that would allow me to do what ever I wanted to her and when we broke up I've started directing my attention to prostitutes that are hooked on heroin. I'll look for the girls that are at the bottom end of their drug cycle. These girls have such a high level of desperation they will tolerate any kind of abuse to get a fix. These girls are tough and are used to being slapped in the face. I won't pretend that they enjoy it though.

For some reason I enjoy seeing the agony on their faces when start ramming my c*** in her ass. Its not the pain they are enduring that turns me on its their struggle with it. I have brought a few women to tears through a*** s** and for some sad reason that's when I enjoy s** the most. For a moment watching these women over come the pain is the most beautiful thing in the world. Then when I o***** just like the the feelings gone then I feel so guilty over it. I feel so ashamed. The moment its over I feel so bad for them. So far I've only had one girl become angry with me after wards. The other girls seem to like "understand" my problem for some reason, as if it happens to them all the time. By the time I get to the girls they are already sick from withdrawal. So to help ease their suffering I'll drive them to their seller so they can get their fix. One girl that was crying and screaming during our session even fell asleep in my arms after she had injected. She seemed so at peace considering how much I roughed her up when I raped her earlier. Funny thing is she kept saying I didn't rape her.

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  • Ya I have this fantasy. Hang a guy upside down by one leg naked. Make cuts all over him, apply salt and vinegar to the cuts but I don't want to much noise so some duck tape on mouth will help or some crazy glue maybe.

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