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So my best friend since high school is a lesbian. When I first met her before I knew she was a lesbian I had the hots for her real bad. Anyway at some point i expressed my feelings for her and she pointed out her homosexuality. We've been good friends for over 7 years now. Thing is I still think of her sexually sometimes. Never that I want to have s** with her because I understand she doesn't like p**** but I just really like fantasizing about eating her out. I really enjoy performing c********** and don't really enjoy s** that much. And my girlfriend doesn't like recieving it. So just more and more recently I've been fantasizing about this. Ugh I'm a terrible friend, I can't even tell her about this but I guess I shouldn't it'd be too wierd. But sometimes i wonder what if she was cool with it. That would be awesome. unrealistic though.

Jan 2, 2011

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  • Dude, If she is your best friend just tell her. We all put false images up to what we are really about. We judge people by the first minute of meeting them. Be honest with yourself and with your friend. I would just tell her to close her eyes and imagine a sexy hot (fill in the blank to whatever suits her fancy this point of her life) woman. I need to understand her personality and your own for more advise. How honest are you with the wife and will she get offended. Your post brings the fact you don't care. I have friends I have not seen in years that still come first. I know where you are coming from. What guild trip will you suffer after the fact? Will your friend still feel the same. Discuss this with her before the fact. True friends are the hardest to lose.

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