I love making fun of stutterers

In my school there are 3 people who have a stuttering problem. IDK why there are so many. They are in different grades I think one is in special ed. Anyway its so funny when they stutter i cant help but laugh and make fun of them. One name is Stan i call him S S Stan the St St Stutterer now others call him that. One time in the hall a bunch of us were there i started in he start suttering and i keep makin fun of him his face turn all red while he stutters and tells me to sh sh shut up i was hysterical. He went running into the bathroom and started crying. Another girl her face was all white she gave a short speech in front of the class she was nevervous then starts stuttering i started laughin then the whole class laughed and she went running out of class and ran to the prinipal. I got detention a few times i dont care its too f f f f funny!!!!! LOL

Jul 25, 2012

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jMM2TazlcM

  • Wtf is wrong with you?! I used to stutter! I hope someone kicks your ass so hard it makes you stutter! Then we could pick on you. You j***

  • B**** you don't even want to know what I'd do to you in person. My uncle has a stuttering problem, and it p***** me off so bad when someone makes fun of him. You're one sick son a b****. Go die.

  • Your un un uncle is a st st stutterer

  • 3 people is not that many now And now I'm just pi**ed off >:(

  • I accidentally clicked on the vote thing when I scrolled down, this guy is a t*** !

  • You, sir, are an idiot. I wish you face a problem worse than this and there are people laughing their a**** off at you.

  • Ur seriously laughing about doing those things? Those r kids with problems. they didnt choose that life. ur bout one f***** up person tht needs to b put through what they go through everyday bcuz of ur sorry ass. daddy not love you enough? Just bcuz u were treated wrongly at one time in ur life does not give you the right to pick on them/bully them. people commit suicide everyday bcuz of fuckups like you. go fix ur problems n come back n b a better person n apologize to those kids. karma WILL bite u in the ass one day n ull regret what uve done. people carry those painful memories throughout their entire lives by the standards of "oh i cant do it bcuz theyll just laugh at me". u just ruined their life m***********. i wish i knew you. i wish i had the right to tear you down and rip you a new a******.

  • Amen!

  • Bet you get bullied 24/7, for being such an a a a******

  • Doubt you have any friends

  • You sir, are a grotesque freak.

  • Giant douchebag, that is all.


  • U r a sick m***********

  • I wish you went to school with me. Those were the kids I loved making their lives h***. You must be insecure with yourself to make fun of others in order for you to not be made fun of. I wished I went to school with you and made your life a living h***. Sure you may say I'm contradicting myself, however I would love to contradict myself to put you in their shoes. Hope you get jumped and robbed. Or die, the world would be better off with you gone. =]

  • You're an a******. Seriously, what is wrong with you? You're a bully. Grow up. You must be compensating for something to make you feel that you have to be superior to others... you're IQ? size of your d***? height? face? What is it? Keep in mind, Karma will come looking for you. Sometime in you're life - you will be embarrassed or fall on hard times and it will be payback for the way you treat others. You owe those classmates an apology.

  • thats not nice. be considerate. suppose it was u. gosh.you are so heartless smh

  • you sick person imade fun of somone who stuttered and felt like s*** go die in a hole

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