Teacher kicks me in the nuts

In a gym class, I was following the teacher's workouts. She was showing me how to do kickbacks. She walked a bit away and did the exercise but she underestimated the space she needed...which resulted in her kicking me in the nuts pretty hard and I dropped to the floor. She giggled a bit and got me water but after I got up she kept laughing...and so was the whole class of girls
Trust, it took forever to live that one down

Feb 12

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  • The next time something embarassing happens to her, start laughing at her but don't stop laughing. She'll get mad and if she tells you to stop laughing, tell her, "Why should I? You didn't stop laughing at me when you kicked me in my groin."

  • An accident is an accident, but a grown woman laughing at a boy for getting kicked in the nuts? That is totally wrong. Once again, double standards. If it were a man laughing at a girl after he hit her in her privates, the girl would be screaming **, her mother and father would be at the school calling him a pervert, the teacher would be suspended and the local newspaper and/or news channel would be covering the full story with the headline, 'Sick Perverted Male Teacher Laughs at Girl Student After Kicking Her Privates' You and your parents need to take action. Demand her termination and demand the school cover the cost of all the psych therapy you're going to need.

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