Kind of, probably weird…

Alright, I think this is in the right category. The thing is, I sort of want to cut off my right earlobe. Not the whole ear, just the lobe, even if that means losing my ability to wear earrings. I'e had two dreams about it, one where someone cuts it off, the other where I just stand in front of a mirror and violently hack it off with a pair of scissors. There's nothing fetishy about it, I just want it gone and I want people to notice it's gone. I don't know if I'll do it, at least not until I'm an adult and out of the house, because if my parents had any idea, I'd probably get sent off to a mental ward, or they'd try to reattach it. This has only been really bothering me recently, and I'm thinking it's maybe just a phase? I would want to do it myself. With a box cutter maybe. I don't know. I'm probably just really confused.

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  • Don't go to a therapist unless you're actually about to do it.. Like you said, you'll end up in a psych hospital and they'll s**** up your head with drugs and s*** therapy. Chill, just like you said wait until you're a bit older and see if you still wanna do it. Body modification is another option - you could get one of those awesome 'holes' or something

  • Definitely go to a therapist. This is an actual disease known as: Apotemnophilia..that's actually when someone wants to cut off a limb or what you're feeling falls in line with body dysmorphic disorder. Do not cut off anything on your body. You could very well cause yourself to bleed to death. In the meantime, try not to spend too much time looking in the mirror or obsessing over it.

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