Pretending to be a woman in chatrooms

I go into chat rooms (yes they are still out there) and pretend to be a hot woman although I'm really a guy. I make excuses that I don't have a cam. I talk dirty and make the guy ** himself off and **. All the time I'm laughing at how pathetic he is cause he really just jerked off to a guy lol.

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  • You sound like a **

  • Ur gay dude just saying...

  • Takes one to know one as they say? It isn't necessarily one of the other, you're definitely both losers.

  • That's a good way to spend time online.... Well I don't have to pretend to be a female because I am one.... But if you like it then keep doing it, the. After is different if you want to get rid of it... Honestly I think it's fun, you should spill the beans after you make them c**. I would kill to see their reply. Rofl. :)

  • Thanks for the supportive response. It is the net afterall, we have to be careful because we can be whatever we want. So the guys deserve it. Sometimes I do spill the beans. When I do they suddenly disappear. LOL gee I wonder why?

  • Yeah they the pathetic ones just trying to have some fun with someone they think is not a an lying piece of ** your the pathetic one the only way you can get people to talk to you is to pretend to be someone else so you should take stock of your life and take a look at yourself before you start calling other people pathetic you lonely freaking loser

  • Awwwww what's the matter were you one of the guys in the chatroom who thought he was getting off with a girl? LMAO I am not a lonely loser, but perhaps you are LOL

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