I understand why so many people beat the living sh*t out of their kids!

Everytime I turn my back to tend to the baby or go toilet or anything the others are up to mischief. All day every f*cking day;leave your sister alone, leave the baby alone, do your homework, leave the cat alone. The sitting room is for sitting, if you want to run around shouting, go outside. If you're hungry sit down at the table to eat.

If I leave the baby to deal with the others it cries like it's been abandoned for hours. When I tend to the baby the others do everything they're not allowed to try to get attention.

It's a non-stop merry-go-round of mundane torture! I could happily walk out the door with the baby and never return. But then who would cook hubby's dinner and clean up after the human tornados??? No-one!

I feel like some kind of nanny-housekeeper-sexdoll hybrid.

Jul 25, 2012

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  • Congratulations! It only took you crapping out several crotch trophies of your own to realize small humans are egomaniacal little robots of pure destruction. I'd applaud your powers of observation, but I'm too busy patting myself on the back for realizing that without becoming a broodsow first. Think you're having fun now? Wait till puberty! Lots of hormonal action (mood swings, sticky sheets, "I Hate You Mommy"s, thinking they know everything), and they'll probably be bigger than you by then too! If you're lucky, they'll just grow up to be more brainless unhappy consumers; if not, they'll be living with you into their 40s! So yeah, have fun... it's only just beginning.

  • You forgot chauffeur in there in that list! But don't forget that inbetween the days when you want to pull your hair out (or theirs), there are many more days that make it all worthwhile. The best thing you can do to gain some sanity and control is to ask for some help. Maybe grandma can come over and occupy the older ones, sign them up for activities, drop them off at day care or playdates where they can socialize with others their own age etc.. Hire a housekeeper to come in once a month or make your children do age appropriate chores.. ie make their bed, set the table, put away their toys for a reward. And then find some time to take care of you!

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