Ok this isnt really a confession but whatever. anyway i am 15 yrs old, male and i absolutely love old rck music. i started to get into it right around when i turned 15 (march 2012) and i was just amazed at how good this stuff is. my all time favorite is Guns-N-Roses.actually really what turned me on to old music was one day i heard sweet child o mine on the radio and i fell in love with the song immediatly and that made want to hear the rest of their songs then my mom started introducing me to new stuff my otjer favorites are... scorpions, led zep., poison. and a few others basically i like anything with a good sounding guitar and just cool songs. i am also trying to find new bands to listen to so if you could post the song and the band that would be awesome. thanks. and please dont make your comments all about how big of an a****** Axl Rose is. thanks. i am excited to see what youhave to say! and no matter what dont EVER let rock die. seriously. pretty soon it is going to be gone forever. and we will be stuck with all the s*** of today. nobody can play music like before. and if you agree vote and comment. dont forget the songs.

Jul 25, 2012

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  • Anything by Iron Maiden.

  • firehouse. my favorite song by them is ''dont treat me bad''

  • that song is bad ass!


  • It's refreshing to hear someone so young who likes classic rock. Some stuff that came out in the 70's is still relevant today. Here are some bands that you may want to take a listen to and find the songs you like - some of the bands you may have heard of..

    AC/DC, ELO, Foreigner, The Doors, Aerosmith, The Black Keys (new, not classic..but good), Foghat, Rolling Stones, Steve Miller Band, The Eagles,
    Rush, Lynard Skynard, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, ZZTop, Chicago, Van Halen, Styx, Journey, Yes, Boston, Queen, The Police.. This list could go on and on.

    Look on line too and see what website compilations have as well. It will give you some ideas of what you can go and listen to.
    And don't forget the 80's even though it not all rock, some fun music came out of that decade as well... The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Def Leopard, Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Prince, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, INXS, Tears for Fears, Eurythmics, The Smiths, The Clash, The Fixx,

    Have fun!

  • wow!!! thanks a lot. i cant wait to look up these songs. looks like i have a lot to cover. thanks again.

  • mannfred mann, Bachmann Turner Overdrive, CCR. i thought your post was so adorable. Good Luck finding some new favorite bands.

  • thanks. i forgot to say this in my post so i will say it here. i really think someone should start a blog or something were people can share music and stuff like this website butt instead of confessions... music. i would do it but i do not even have a clue were to start. and i wanted to know if you can still buy ''appetite for destruction'' anywhere. i have it but i love it so much i am worried something will happen to it and i just want a back-up. just to be safe. maybe a couple.

  • I'm sure if you look around on the web you can find a site that is for people who love music. There used to be a site called limewire, but the FCC forced it closed because of illegal sharing of music.

    I don't think you have anything to be worried about with Guns 'N Roses music disappearing. But check out, you can probably find more than a few CDs for sale still.

    Just being open to new and old music is awesome. Doing your own research into the history of Rock, you'll discover some really great music. There is probably a radio station in your area dedicated to only playing classic rock hits.

    Online maybe checkout or even do a search onlie for Top10/20/50/100 rock hits and see what comes up. If you look at itunes - I'm thinking you have this :-).. but if you go into the radio section, there are several classic rock stations you can listen to for free. And then maybe just keep a list of those songs you really like and purchase them from itunes later.

  • ok thanks! good advice.

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