I hate my wife

I confess that I secretly hate my wife. I refuse to have s** with her because of her controlling and often hysterical nature. She is very beautiful, but I am so mad at her that I hate her guts. I have told her for years about how she hurts me, but for years she didn't listen...now she wants to listen, but I am through with her...I am looking to make my escape. For now, I try to never kiss her, and I always have an excuse if I sense that she wants s**. I wouldn't care if she had an affair, I would use it against her to leave her tomorrow!

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  • LMAO, poor baby. boys only care about whether a woman is hot. well, you've got a hot one. but, aww, life isn't perfect, is it? too bad. welcome to reality, where what really matters is -under- the surface. too bad you probably won't learn this lesson, boys never do.

  • haha....we all hate our wives...women TRY to make up unhappy..and then the wife wonders why we divorce them for someone who is kind to us...go figure!

  • How old are you babe?(; lol jk.
    My fiancé just left me tho so im lonely.

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