Gotta say this

I absolutely hate my wife. She was all hot when we got married 15 years ago. Then decided to get all fat and start keeping cats. I f****** hate cats. I could probably kill a dozen of these damn things, and she would never notice. I hope she dies soon.

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  • Why can't you get divorced? Do you still care about how she feels? If not, then divorce her. You shouldn't force yourself to stay unhappy and you shouldn't keep making her think you are fine in your marriage.

  • My girl is 300 lbs and i think she's the sexiest thing I've ever i guess i like to "f*** fat"
    And no, im not black -_-
    But its sad cuz people like YOU make her feel ashamed, when guys like us love it and its very hurtful what you said.

  • The only people who like to f*** fat are the ones who can't get any better. I pitty you.

  • He probably just has a fat fetish. Everyone has a different fetish, his is just very different from yours.

  • Holy Gobstoppers! My wife is a cat-freak also! She lets the cats run all around the bedroom! I hate the smell (and that's why I am seeking a divorce!)....

  • Oh my god u are a bad person!
    U shouldnt judge a girl by her weight. Sorry but that makes u shallow. Thats why i always tell guys im 30 pounds over what i really am, to see if it shakes them.
    What im tryin to say is, when you marry someone, you should LOVE them. Not love their looks.

  • No spouse should have to stay married to a pig...sorry to say it, but life is not a dress rehearsal! NO ONE like to f*** fat...and if you are so selfish as to make your spouse live with a f****** fatty who stuffs her f****** piehole with chocolate every f****** minute of every f****** day, then you deserve to live alone with some real pigs on a farm....cause that is how your spouse feels!

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