What am I doing Wrong?

Being a 16-year-old female, I currently have a very, VERY deep crush on someone. He's such a sweet guy--he likes lots of the things that I like, it's fun to talk with him, he's so sweet and funny and nice, and I just can't come up with enough reasons to state how much I like him. I've never liked a guy this much before. So I finally got the guts to tell him.

However, he doesn't like me back. Now, he didn't explicitly state this, but he told me who he DOES like. He seems to be caught between a girl in our grade (us being juniors), and a senior (who he's REALLY unsure of if she likes him or not, but she acts very, VERY affectionate towards him). Apparently, the senior has a boyfriend (though sometimes she doesn't act like it). Now, the girl that he likes that is in our grade (let's call her Becky, even though that's not her name) apparently likes a DIFFERENT guy--and this guy (let's call him John) apparently just recently broke up with his girlfriend. And apparently, a DIFFERENT guy likes "Becky", but also likes two other girls, who I'm not even sure of who they are.

Point being, I am involved in an epic, screwed-up love...thing. It doesn't even form a shape. It's just a freaking tree or something, with me being the lonely person. I have never, never, NEVER crushed on a guy this hard before. After I broke up with a boyfriend who showed his true colors when he started dating, I didn't want to trust guys. But this guy...my god. He's just perfect. But I think he only thinks of me as a friend. It happened with another guy who I had a crush on. This guy, however, was a senior. I told him, but he told me straight out that he doesn't like me back, even though I'm a "nice girl" and a great friend.

Why do none of the guys who I have had serious crushes on like me for who I am? Am I too nice to them? Do I get too friendly with them? I don't know what's going on. What am I doing wrong? I really, really, really don't know what to do, but when I finally get the guts to confess to these guys and I get friendzoned/rejected, it just hurts my pride. Is it because I'm a rather loud and emotional individual, who won't hesitate to speak up if I don't like something and it bother's me? Is it because I'm not pretty? Is it because I still have freaking acne, and that I'm not the skinniest stick in the world? Is it because I talk TOO much to them and they think of me as only a friend and have no interest whatsoever in me? What am I doing wrong?

I'm sorry, I just really needed to get this out.

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  • Nothing is wrong with you. It's high school. Maybe you come on too strong. But then again some guys are so shy that is a good thing. Look, don't change who you are, there's a boy out there for you. You just haven't met him yet. Enjoy the crush. You never know, maybe if you start turning your attention towards someone else this guy may become interested. And definitely don't get involved in this wacky love polygon.

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