I feel sorry for myself and want to change

I am a 26 yo f and I just feel like im suh a looser.
I live with my parents I just finish my major and am looking for a job. I have few "friends" and whenever someone argues infront of me I feel its because is my fault and I feel worse.
I want to change but I dont know how to stop feeling sorry and pity for myself.

Jul 29, 2012

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  • I know, I feel the same. I think it's best if you take the time out to figure out who you are and to start loving yourself more. "The more I find myself the more people I seem to lose". But it's worth losing htose who will hold you back so you can make room for those who will push you forward.

  • Don't waste ur time w EFT it made me waste 6 motnhs when what i really needed was real help from a dr.

  • Look into the mirror every morning and say:

    "I am a good person. I deserve to be happy and loved. I am unique and wil not compare myself to others. I will not let what other people say or feel dictate who I am."

    Repeat every morning until you truly believe it.

    Every person's journey is unique and can not compared to others.

  • that's bullshit...do EFT

  • No bull is what EFT is. Ask any trained psychologist or medical professional.

  • changing is easy...your self-esteem is low...go to youtube...search EFT tapping self-esteem.

  • Start by stop feeling sorry and pity for yourself. Look at your accomplishments, that's a positive. Lots of people (older and younger) have had to move back home because of the economy or even get roommates to make ends meet. Be grateful that you have parents that can and will take you back into their home, not everyone has that luxury.

    Know that this chapter in your life is not forever, you'll be gainfully employed and in your own place..it just takes time. Keep on looking for work, even if it's not an ideal job or in your field it will just be something to help pay the bills. And always look for opportunities. Join and utilize all networking sites like linkedin. Tell all your friends on facebook (if you have it) what kind of work/position you're looking for. Maybe even look for an internship to get your foot in the door somewhere. Don't get discouraged.

    Do what you can to make yourself feel good. Go to the gym, go out with friends, or make some news ones (meetup.com)..really use this time to motivate and get other aspects of your life in order. That may also help so that when your friends argue you won't be so sensitive to it. And just know..it's not about you, it's not your fault.

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