I scar myself

I can't leave myself alone whenever I get zits. I always have to pick each one I get several times, because there's just something so irresistible about picking dry, scabby skin. Because of this, I usually make what were initially small holes into bigger more raw holes, and sometimes all that picking in one spot leaves me with a scar that takes ages and ages to fade away. Sometimes they don't fade entirely.

This is a very nervous habit. If I didn't do this, then I'd pick all my fingernails off. I finally grew fingernails and they're nice. But now I keep scarring myself up with repeated picking of zits.

Has anyone else ever heard of this problem or have this problem too? All I ever see are confessions of cutting on this site. But not about compulsive picking.

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  • zits? buy some cetaphil...

  • OP: I'm not talking about zits on my face, but ones on my body, wherever they appear.

  • If you have zits on your body, then you are eating too much flour and sugar...you have a candida break-out...eat an anti-candida diet...or continue to suffer, dumbass

  • That was a really helpful post, until the "dumbass part."

    Was that necessary ?

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