What can i do?

I love a man that has never been in love.
I want to give him everything wonderful in this world.
If only he would let me.
I rarely get to speak with him or see him.
Its not the things we have in common or what we believe that attracts me to him
Its simply him
He makes me smile he makes me laugh he makes me feel like a person.
He is passionate about his work and family.as well as dedicated
So why am i here?
Because i cant tell him i love him without feeling he deserves more than me
Im not a bad person.he has so much success i dont want to get in the way of.

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  • hmmm....you, ah, well, you see, hmmmmm, oh, I don't have anything to tell you...oh, wait, yes, here it is: life's a b****, and then, you die.

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