Why arent racists who happen to be black still called racists ?

I used to despise groups like the KKK but the more I look around the more I notice more black racist groups than any, it helps none at all that they still have "whites owe me something" guess what, there's a black man in office..now its been proven you can do and be whatever you want, if you're a failure its your fault not because your great great grandfather was a slave. We won't go into the FACT it was your own relatives that SOLD them into that slavery.
Racism is alive and stronger than ever, its just the colors have swapped.
I can only hope the KKK is growing stronger to combat the new black panthers, naacp, Muslim brotherhood, etc.
Being black doesn't mean you're not racist when you don't like "Whitey and his cracker skin", congratulations black racists for dragging this country back 40 years....you've made me hate you and I'm not even white.

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  • N-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word,n-word.why did i say that,because of the 15 people who visted his pointless story.they are the real n-words of this story.

  • All of you sound like you are young. I grew up in the 60's amd I know racism first hand...I know what is like to get beat up by a group of angry white boys and I know what it is like to kick a racist white ass. What we have now is a group of blacks who are still making excuses and a group of whites who are holding onto racism because they were taught it by their grandfathere and rfathers...IT IS WHAT IT IS...If you want to change you have to want to...but if you like being childish and calling each other names...then you are the one not moving ahead...We who lived it have moved on...It is the offspring that is disfunctional...FACE THE FACT..YOU LIKE BEING RACIST...YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE A COMING TOGETHER...IT IS IN YOUR NATURE

  • wow i gotta say that is probably the wisest thing i ever heard in my life. and you are so right i was childish. i do not want to be racist. im not so i do not know why i made a racist comment. well i guess i am racist now that i think about it. but not anymore from this day forward i will never say a racial slur ever again. and i will try not to judge black people. and its not all of them it is just some. same goes for white people not all whites are racist and not all blacks are. i bet if we came together not as blacks and whites but as a united group we could probably solve every issue that come our way and change the nation we live in today. thank you, you have opened my eyes. thanks again wise man.

    -15 yr old whiteboy

  • This upcoming election will be more about black vs white than anytime in our history. This president was supposed to unite us and all he has done is divide us even more, I've never in my life regretted voting for someone so much but I bought into that hope and change slogan, not again. I have to agree with the OP, I have many friends that are black and they can go everywhere I want to take them but I'm told many times "I can't take you in there, folks will get mad" I ask how that's any different from the plight of the early 50's segregation when blacks couldn't go in places? I never get answers that make sense.

  • I think that all prejudice and racism is stupid. It's just a person's skin color, you'd think that people would be intelligent enough to know it doesn't matter. Why do people even care to acknowledge it? I'm a fourteen year old girl by the way.

  • You are so right, however when blacks are racist against whites (look up quannel x, Jesse Jackson, shiela Jackson lee, and most members of the congressional black caucus) it goes totally without mention or notice. When a black person kills a white person its never listed as a hate crime, how is that? Especially when you can do research and easily trace a hatred for whites by the criminal.
    Its just not right that Caucasians keep holding their tongues for fear of being called racists, that game should be over now. Its time we speak up and stop letting ourselves be pushed into that dark corner and told to be quiet and just take it.

  • you are so f***** right! and i dont owe a black man s***. i am not racist but i hate how black people still hold that against us, get the f*** over it! besides black people kill each other too so if black people can do it white people can do it. and usually nowadays if a white person kills somone its because they are f***** in the head. if a black person does it, it is to be a thug.

    p.s. i hope nothing i said was offensive i love black people... i guess.

    p.s.s. not the one in office

  • Who the F*** is holding anything against you.
    honestly really has a black person came up to you and said thanks for ruining my past or any s*** like that because I doubt it
    I'm a 14 yr old black girl and am proud and yea what you said was pretty offensive how the only black people who commit crimes are thugs and none of them have anything mentally wrong with them and how the only white people who commit crimes are only the one who are mentally challenged to seem like its not there fault they commited a crime and only a blacks person fault.

    So just shut the f*** up because I know that know one has said a damn thing to you and is not holding anything against you.

    By the way I never cuss but this just makes me angry.

  • im sorry that was wrong of me to say that. please forgive me whoever you are. i am not racist so i do not why i said that. sorry once again.

  • Americans. No wonder they're always shooting each other. F****** nitwits.

  • Whaz the matter Jose, we not gee you de Foo stamps dis week?

  • L****!!!!

  • White skin also stands out in headlights f******* - mine as white as yours but you won't see me coming as i'll be behind the headlights driving you down you racist f***.

  • all I can say is that white T-shirts make blacks really stand out in the headlights

  • who da f*** u callin n****?

  • who's askin' n****!

  • I was gonna write something really hilarious, and at the same time insightful and intelligent, but there's just no way I could ever top this comment. It's just . . . so . . .


    It's f****** perfect!

  • I'm sorry about the T-shirt comment...I'm not really a racist..I like blacks...just consider their DNA inferior for good intelligence.

  • No one is inferior and no one is superior!
    We're all human beings and are within this rat race together! Unite and empower each other, instead of suppressing one another!!
    Love, don't hate!

  • excuse me?!

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