My confession is my opinion that I

My confession is my opinion that I think to myself all the time but never talk about with anyone:

White men love black women once they've had them because we know how to worship our men and treat them like the kings they are. We were raised to do that. Many men are feeling the sting of women's rising power and privilege in the world... women today are more likely to cheat, initiate divorce, and many women, with more financial independence, will choose men just because of how "hot" or muscular they are, and treat disparagingly more average-looking men.

Black women continue to just want a good man who will make an honest woman of her. That's why lots of white men now prefer us. Not only are we eating the steak and not the salad at the restaurant (lol), if you're a decent man, you're getting nooky for dessert, no matter what you look like or how much money you make. What's not to love?? If a white woman is going to throw away a perfectly good white man for a "rich" or a "hunky" one, that's fine. Black women are only too happy to pick him up and make him happy.

I've always wanted to say that, but never did. It feels good to say it here.

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  • 2up, giving head is the only thing you can brag about?

    Gawd! what a loser!

  • Am I the only person in the world who doesn't think there's any difference between white and black women? They're just women!! You can't stereotype entire races like that. B***** h***.

  • I am a white woman who feels the same about black men. No woman (black, white, or yellow) can treat him bettr than me. I have heard from guys (my man included) that white girls give the best head.

  • beef curtains anyone?

  • Black women are LOUD, and brassy, Their "baby Daddy"s" are all losers who sell crack, b**** slap thier girlfriends. I am sure you would love any man black or white with a job, but you seem to always find losers that you work to support

  • Do we not think it may be down to the individual person as to how they treat their man rather than the colour of their skin?

  • I'm a white guy...and I love black girls! I'm a good-looking man, and I think I can be with just about any white woman I'd choose, but for some unknown reason I'm obsessed with black girls. Most black girls I've seen are just way too damn sexy! I think this is becoming a problem for me.

  • Well I disagree with your opinion. White women are the ones who treat their men like queens. And black women are the gold digging hoes who will only date a man if he can pay her bills. I've dated both and even though black women look so much better and are soo sexier their attitudes towards their men make them suck. And don't get me wrong white women have their little issues too. But they are not as evil as black women.

  • I don't think it's an issue about black and white.
    I think it's just women in general.

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