Is my racial preference wrong?

I'm a biracial woman (Caucasian and African American) I've never dated or wanted a black man. I find them unattractive and disgusting. They never treat women with any respect. I love dating white and Hispanic men. They always treat me well and appreciate what I do for them but black men around me have always criticized my choice in such a vulgar manner. Isn't this what our ancestors fought for? Everyone to have the same rights, same amount of respect for each other, to love whoever we choose? I don't mind black men dating outside their race and in fact I encourage it. Maybe if I found a well mannered black men who was respectful and hard working I would consider it but I have yet to find one.

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  • Telling her not to diss a certain race is stupid imo. Black men or people have the worst reputations in the USA (I don't know if you're from the US just assuming sorry). For obviously reasons. It's just like black women hating black men for dating white women, only difference is she's mixed so they hate her dating white men even more because they can't claim that she's one of their women. Black men are being unfair to her and she even said if she could find a GOOD black man she'd considerate.

  • We can not help who we are attracted to, nor can we control not being attracted to someone.

  • I could have written this. It's the same for me.

  • Why not just get past race and see people for who they are?
    A******* come in all colors kid.

  • But then what would SJWs and non-whites have to constantly whine about?

  • Why do so many blacks live in the ghetto? Cause when their race behaves the way they do that's where they belong.

  • Never good to put the race that you are not attracted to,or thats not attracted to you down so as to feel better about yourself or life choices.Just do what makes you happy and move on,its a free world.

  • *shrug* who cares? We're attracted to who we're attracted to, nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

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