Somethings Fishy

I go to petco and enter the fish section and immediatley get an erection. I just love the sight of scaley slimy little creatures... It would be odd if there were no reason for this but when i was little I had a goldfish named Guppy. Guppy was my bestfriend and eventually our friendship blossomed into the most intense relationship i've ever had. One day i decided it was time to talke our love to the next level.. So one day after school I walked into the room, lubed up my a****** and shoved Guppy in there just to feel him squirm around in my ass was a sensation I never thought existed. I had a full body o*****... I retrieved guppy from my ass hole and put him back in the bowl. The water was slightly browner when i did. One day i came home and caught guppy rubbing against the little diver statue at the bottom of his bowl.. I had never felt so betrayed.. I cut myself over and over again but I've never felt pain like the day guppy left me for a deep sea diver.



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  • I'm... is the previous commentor right in that this is a joke? xD i've been commenting around here with a genuine interest in helping out (i know technically not my place, i just like being a nice guy), but it's hard to think of anything to say about this one when i'm not sure whether to take it seriously or not... because, y'know, as strange as this one sounds, these kindsa things happen... apparently :s
    I'm not the type to ridicule or judge, you know, with terms like "freak" and "weird"... but if this is genuine, i think no one would argue with me that this is an... odd... fetish? is that the right word here? ... as much as it pains me to criticise your life choices, i think this one might be something you should seek professional help with... perhaps a fisherman?

  • this is fake, either your talking s*** or a r***** that cant tell if its fake. your all scum as far as i'm concerned. spooky b******.

  • haha the end was funny
    that goldfish was a s***

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